hub illustration

Our Structure

The wheel is a picture of what we do and how we do it at New Life Community Church. In community we are focused on five core things...Worship Celebration, Prayer, Life Development, Small Groups and Community Connection. These five things are held together by passionate people leading and serving together in order to see our communities transformed.

The Hub

The hub is the part of the wheel that holds the rim and the tire together on the car. It is the administrative communication center of the wheel. The hub is of no use without the rim and tire, but without the hub, the tire is unable to function as it was designed. At NLC we believe that the Pastoral staff, Leadership Team, Administration and Deacons are the support center of the Church. Our main priority is to teach, train, equip, resource and release NLC family members to fulfill their God given ministry calling. The hub cannot experience momentum on its own it needs both a rim and tire.

The Rim

The rim is the foundation for the tire. The rim keeps the tire held together and makes sure that the weight is distributed evenly and consistently over the entire surface of the tire. Without the rim the tire is unable to bear the weight of the car and will not function as it was designed to function. Leaders are needed to provide vision, direction and creativity to ministry. Leaders however should not try to function on their own apart from the body. They will burnout and be unable to realize the full potential of the ministry that God has called NLC to fulfill. The rim needs the tire if it is to experience momentum for a sustained journey. Teams need team members if ministry and community transformation are to become a reality.

The Wheel

Finally the tire is literally where the rubber meets the road. The tire is the piece of the wheel that is providing traction, gaining ground and touching the world. While the hub and rim are absolutely essential; it is the tire that caries out the ministry of the church. We believe that each person who experiences new life in Jesus is called to minister and that every person that enters into the family of NLC is uniquely shaped to fulfill God’s plan and purpose. While leadership begins at the Hub, it is also seen and fulfilled through the tire.

It all works together

The tire however can not sustain itself; it requires air. Christ followers are unable to minister apart from the indwelling power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit allows the church to function in ministry. Without the Holy Spirit the Church is able to do many “good” things within it’s community and in the surrounding community, but it is entirely unable to effect supernatural change and transformation. The Holy Spirit’s role in the life of the church must be understood as essential. A flat tire can not maintain momentum. If the church tries to grow and develop without the power and leading of the Holy Spirit it will go flat. If the rim or hub alone try to maintain momentum they will risk permanent, costly damage. The wheel must at all times be aligned with the drive shaft. We are following after God’s vision, His mission, values that are based on His Word, and ministry that is all a part of His trans-formative dream. The moment we move away from any of these we will loose momentum, begin to slow down and if nothing is done the church will lose it’s impact.