Worship Celebration

Sunday morning is about so much more than a few songs, a message and a little bit of prayer. Sunday morning is a time when we come together as a community (family) to celebrate the amazing love of our Father in Heaven. We sing, share, pray, dig into the Bible, and do life together as we are led by Holy Spirit. At New Life Community WORSHIP is not just a service… we want it to be a way of life. We want to come together in a way that inspires, challenges and motivates us for the week ahead. We want our time together to be hope filled and transformation focused.

As we seek to communicate and share the Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy of NLC it is important that we continue to look at everything we do with a clear and critical eye. As we grow we will be faced with an increasing amount of opportunities and need to have a very clear understanding of what we are doing and why we are doing them. This document will serve as a starting place for this to happen.

For the sake of clarity and simplicity we have used bullet points. The flow is movement oriented. We wanted to start with the intention and purpose for each of our five strategic areas, answering the WHY question. We then answer the SO; so we will because we want to. Finally we want everyone to see then that there are a number of things that they can then do or follow through with.


Intention & Purpose:

  • large community gathering
  • community- deepening relationships
  • intimacy with God
  • celebration and praise
  • fun
  • diversity
  • testimony- sharing of God’s work
  • pray together
  • encourage
  • healing/ restoration
  • village mentality
  • motivates personal walk and family growth
  • point of entry into NLC

In order to facilitate this we will...

  • intentionally greet and walk people into NLC
  • everyone will be included... gather for celebration together every Sunday morning before transitioning to age appropriate Life Development... including the sermon time.
  • sing
  • share stories
  • pray together- various times and ways
  • encourage diversity in all areas of ministry
  • develop a welcoming atmosphere

Opportunity for NLCers...

  • join us in one or both of our locations on Sunday morning
  • share your story
  • get involved in ministry
  • welcome new comers- help everyone feel welcomed.

The Breakfast Table

The Breakfast Table

The Breakfast Table is a FREE breakfast for our community, so please receive this as your invitation to come and dine at the table together. Breakfast is served every Sunday morning at 9:00 am in The Great Room at New Life Community, 64 E North St in Carlisle.