A bicycle repair and donation shop connected to New Life Community Church that provides safe, quality bicycles in conjunction with vocational training for individuals within the Greater Carlisle area to prepare them for gainful employment through training and experience in business, relationship, and bicycle repairs.

LifeCycle is located in the basement of New Life Community at 64 E North Street in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Earn-A-Bicycle Program

How it works:
1. Fill out an application.* (Available for download on this page under “Download Literature”)
2. Once approved, complete two (2) hours of community service. This will be discussed with you upon application approval.
3. Ride your bicycle home.

*At this point in time, applicants for the Earn-A-Bicycle Program must be 18 years of age or older. We will be holding youth bicycle distributions throughout the year in partnership with other community organizations.

Open Shop Hours:
Tuesday: 10a - 2p
Wednesday: 10a - 2p
Friday: 10a - 2p

LifeCycle is a bicycle repair shop AND education center. This means you are expected to stay with your bicycle at the shop during repair and become educated on how to properly fix and maintain your ride. LifeCycle is NOT a drop off and pick up bicycle shop.

Donate Items!

We are always looking to improve our shop. You can help us by donating the following items:
1. Bicycles, of course!
2. Empty, clean hair dye bottles
3. Carts with wheels
4. Shelving units
5. Rags