Prayers for JR


We believe (and won't get confirmation until we see the neurologist) JR Delp had a seizure on New Years Eve around 7pm. Many in our church family know about JR's struggle living with autism and my worst nightmare has now become a reality. Following is what I posted on my FB wall: From Tuesday 01 Jan 2013: Ok, back in September it happened for the first time. Then Thanksgiving day, we kept that quiet because Rod's mom was here and my friends know how that can turn out. Then last night, DECEMBER 31st 2012 at approximately 7PM JR had what can only be described as a seizure. We were at Hershey Med by 8:45. JR was confused and scared BUT he REALLY handled himself well. Only 2 times did he get aggressive. Both when he wanted to leave the ER. I want to thank anyone and everyone who took a pause yesterday during their personal celebration to lift my son's name up to God. I am convinced that what happened last night was a catalyst of some kind. My new neighbor Erin Taggart has a son with seizures. This issue has been at the back of my mind since Jett Travolta died of it on January 2nd of 09. Now that my personal nightmare has become a reality we are moving into gear in order to clear this hurdle. Again my many thanks for your prayers! Right now what's needed are prayers that the correct tests are done and that JR cooperates in getting them done. He hates needles and apparently if he needs medication blood tests are frequently done because these drugs are some heavy hitting meds. I pray for myself too, that my mis-trust of the medical complex doesn't get in the way. Thank you, Deborah

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