my sisters best friends mother (Nancy is her name) She had a stroke 19 years ago and she is unable to take care and feed her self. 2 days ago she was amitted at carlisle hospital , they thought she had pneumonia Instead she has broco and than on top of all that she had a heart atack and she is in I C U the heart doctor told them today that she has two areas that are blocked in her heart, plus she is also having many many minny strokes and thay are hoping that the antibotics are helping the broco but it all layes on how or if Nancy is strong or willing enough to keep fighting because the doctor said that she is deafenly a fighter because she had her minnie stroke 19 years ago and she had many more in those years. and a normal person will only last about 4 years. So please pray for her. pluse pray for her to have known God because we arent sure. Her daughter is going to try and find out but Nancy doesn't speek she just nods her head.God Bless all Debora Fetter

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