The Walkers- Urgent Prayer


Dear friends - I need this to be as brief and clear as possible. I was meant to send you a message this morning asking for urgent prayers, but have not been able to have the time. Michael is having some complications with infection in his arm and we have been advised to get to the USA asap. That meant, today, my job was to inquire whether or not we can move up our departure time to USA from 11 June to asap. Anyway, the Lord undertook for us - and I did manage to get them changed. We still need your prayers that there won't be any further complications, and that if there is an infection, as we suspect that it will be halted or slowed down enough for Michael to have it cared for in the USA. He will, likely, need to catch a flight from Chicago to Tennessee (the general area where help has been offered) where he can receive care quickly and then we will make our way to him in a vehicle. While this situation has been a difficult one - we have seen the Lord's activity. He has kindly begun to organize specialists in america who want to help. We just don't know the extent of the help needed. Other than, if there truly is infection - it must be drained. We so appreciate your prayers. We are flying on the 3 of June now to get him some help. We love you all! Blessings, Heather

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