Prayer for my recovery and fundraising.


My name is Alexander Strachan (22yr old African American male) and I recently graduated from Dickinson College last May with a degree in Music Performance. Last January, I made the decision to go to Japan with TEAM international missions in hopes of sharing my passion of music and Jesus. I've had significant drawbacks to this plan from having a second surgery on my Achilles Tendon. So many people have been praying for a quick recovery but I continue to experience complications from the surgery. I know and believe God has my back. Even if I'm unable to recover I want to give people my all. While I spend time recovering at home, I commit my time to playing for others and improving as a violinist. I currently serve as a music volunteer at Anne Arundel Hospital by playing violin for cancer patients during their radiation treatments. I have also had the opportunity to perform with the NLC praise team during my time at Dickinson and receive blessings of prayer for members of the church. I do what I can for others but it's hard to get around because I lack funds at times to drive and play. I don't have a job because I need to put time and energy into healing but some days I doubt the time is paying off because I just can't seem to get well enough to the point where I would feel comfortable traveling to Japan for the trip. I dream of becoming a Music Therapist one day and I was accepted into Temple's Master of Music Therapy Program in Philadelphia beginning in Fall 2014. I want this because I believe that music can help shed light into the darkness of our lives. My Grandmother is currently 75 and continues to battle Alzheimer's but she loves music. I remember going to her home one day and playing How Great Thou Art from her hymnal. I'll never forget that experience because she told me about her childhood and how she used to play piano for her church. I couldn't help but smile because I was in awe from her stories and pleasant past experiences. I told myself that if my music can brighten her day then I want to do that for as many people as possible. That experience was two years ago and now she suffers from breast cancer in addition to Alzheimer's. I share all of this because I can't give up. My injury continues to weigh heavy on my shoulders so I have to entrust God with it everyday. I would really appreciate prayer for my injury. I'm working with the organization to hopefully fly to Japan early March till the end of May. It would be such a blessing to play violin in the homes of people and spread the gospel. I never ever would have imagined myself having the opportunity to go. I grew up in a broken family but God continues to mend those pieces together. Please take a listen to some of my recordings.[1][2] If you are at all interested in viewing my Japan missions trip page you can find it here:[3] Thank you and God bless you all. -Alex

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