LifeSupport is a support group for female survivors of sexual abuse.

Healing takes time; we get it. The process can be challenging and sometimes you just need support, to know that someone else understands and cares.

LifeSupport is a group where sexual abuse is understood, healing is celebrated, and women are empowered. Being brave is hard, but in this space, women get to be brave together as they rebuild and take back their lives.

We believe that Jesus is the Healer and He will lead you on a journey of discovery to the deepest meaning of your life.  He will meet you where you are so that He can lead you into the wellness you long for.

Each week we provide a safe environment for you to both share and listen to one another’s stories.  It is a beautiful thing when women link arms and rise-up together. You are not alone.  Together in this place, there is a movement from a survival mindset to the embodiment of a thriver. Here you get to reacquaint yourself with peace and hope.  You get to become the editor of your future as you become your truest self.

Join us Monday Nights from 6:30-8:30 pm at the New Life Community Carlisle Campus


Additional Resources

We work together in partnership with the YWCA, but we also have connections to a great Christian Counseling Service should you find you need more.  In Him Christian Wellness Counseling has offices at the New Life Community Carlisle Campus.




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