Hope For The Hurting

Throughout the New Testament, Jesus’ agenda is clear: reveal God’s love by meeting the needs of those around him. Overwhelmingly, he spent time with the widows, orphans, criminals, prostitutes, and tax collectors – the people society had given up on. In our society, we too see hurting people all around us. So whatever you’re facing, you’re not alone. We’re here to help!

Find Hope Here

Our ministry goes beyond what we do on a Sunday morning. Every day of the week, we work to get people the help and hope they need—from single parents struggling to make ends meet to people who have lost everything through addiction. In case you haven’t picked up on it, we love our community.

New Life Community is an active place, not because we have numerous programs, but because we are a community committed to living out the Gospel, together. We have groups that focus on growth, recovery, and support, and for every program we offer, there is an opportunity to serve on a ministry team.

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Community Partners

One of our core beliefs is that we are all better together. As a community, we offer different skills, abilities, and talents. When all these resources come together needs get met and people are helped. Here at New Life, we like to partner with others in order to carry the love, acceptance, healing, and hope of Jesus into our community.

The Carlisle campus tends to be the main hub. It is home to all the New Life Community offices and ministries, but it is also home base for several community organizations. We love sharing this space because it opens the way for greater collaboration, shared resources, and encouragement. All week long we enjoy the activity of our community here in the building as people come and go connecting with these on-site organizations.

Community Partnerships