Give to New Life Community

Why Give?

We LOVE this community, and we know God does too! That love leads us to devote our time, resources, and energy so that we can make a difference with people. It is better for our community when those around us in need are cared for, whether it’s physical, financial, emotional, or spiritual.  Here at New Life Community, we have some specific things we do to help, but there’s no way we can do this alone–would you partner with us in this vision by investing in the mission to live out the love, acceptance, healing, and hope of Jesus?

Give to New Life!


Simply put, we see many needs in Carlisle. We see single parents struggling to make ends meet, unable to provide the basics for their families. We see individuals reentering from incarceration and rehab who are unable to find jobs and the support they need. We see people wanting to work but without transportation to do so. We see an increasing number of people needing homes- not just places to sleep.

People are constantly falling through the cracks, and we are surrounded by people who can help. Convergence is where we can all come together for the sake of our community. Join us by investing in convergence for our community.

Give to Convergence