Struggling to find transportation and need a bike?

Step One: Fill out an application.

Applications can be found at:
New Life Community Church (64 E. North St, Carlisle) Bring your application to New Life Community or hit the button below to fill out the form online. Once your application has been processed someone will contact you about the next step.

Step Two: Select a bicycle.

We have bicycles valued anywhere from $20-$50 in our “Earn A Bike” program. We will help you select a bike that fits your needs (based on availability). If you wish to purchase a bicycle, we have many different price levels to choose from.

Step Three: Purchase or “Earn a Bike” service time

Based on the bicycle you have chosen you will either purchase it or complete community service to earn your bicycle. One hour of community service = $10 toward your bicycle. (A $20 bicycle would be 2 hours of community service.) All proceeds from the sales of bikes will be used to purchase parts and sustain the needs of LifeCycle.

Enjoy your new bicycle!
You have earned it and we want you to take ownership of your hard work. The bicycle is all yours and we hope it meets all of your transportation needs.

Need a Bicycle

Ways you can help

LifeCycle also provides unique opportunities to develop vocational training for individuals and prepare them for gainful employment through training and experience in business, relationships, and bicycle repairs.



You know that old bicycle that’s lying around in the garage that hasn’t been touched in years? We’ll take it! We are also happy to receive bicycle parts, and monetary donations toward other necessary supplies, which help us fulfill the LifeCycle Mission. You can drop off donated bicycles during New Life Community’s business hours: Monday – Thursday, 9 AM – 5 PM, and Friday, 9 AM – 3 PM