LifeStation Recovery

Life Station is all about looking deeper. Taking next level steps toward healing and wholeness. We are all about sobriety, but even more about getting to the roots and reasons and digging them right out with God’s help.

We start each week with a large group teaching or testimony time around certain topics that help us dig out and deal with real-life stuff of addiction and recovery.

Our goal is to help each person build and establish a whole new life and way of living and thinking. Following our large group teaching time, we break off into two different groups depending on the individual’s needs…

Men’s Group

This is a group specifically for men dealing with men’s issues.  It is a safe place to share, be supported and challenged to change.

Recovery Group

This group is for anyone, regardless of gender, wanting to walk out their recovery from drugs, alcohol, and other addictions.

Date, Time, and Place

Every Thursday Night from 7-8 pm, except the first week of the month when we start together with a meal at 6:30 pm, in the Great Room.