The Breakfast Table

New Life Community began the Breakfast table in 2005, while we were still at the Carlisle Theater. We began noticing that people were hungry because of the gap in the community meals over the weekends. And so we began serving a free breakfast every Sunday morning.

We strongly believe that Jesus’ invitation to His table is for everyone and The Breakfast Table is one way we like to communicate that.

The Breakfast Table is a free meal that is open to anyone and everyone in the community. There is a natural draw for individuals that are experiencing homelessness, however, we provide an open invitation to people who are from all walks of life. This is a place we build community. We believe in the power of the story and that everyone has a story to tell. What better place for this to happen than at the Table.

We’ve had to make some adjustments over the last number of months to accomodate increased safetly procautions amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, but breakfast hasn’t been canceled even once!  We have protocols in place to make this safe and enjoyable.

*Masks are required in the building.

The Breakfast Table

Sunday mornings at 9 am