The role of the Biblical Life Coach

Welcome back to the blog! Today, as we continue on our topic of Integrated Care, we’re going to dive into the role of the Biblical Life Coach.

God invites us to live from His abundance. Most Christ-followers understand that the abundant life is not just a promise it’s a reality for right now, but still, it’s a hard concept to wrap the mind around. We live in a world, where the effects of brokenness touch us from every angle. None of us can say that we haven’t experienced pain and difficulty. And in those places, where is God’s promise of abundant life?

The vision of integrated care pursues wellness in every aspect of our humanity, body, mind, and spirit. It’s about alignment with God in who He says we are. God’s design for you and I, as His sons and daughters, is for wholeness. And so, He invites us to come, and taste His goodness.

“Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of the those who take refuge in him! Fear the LORD, you his godly people, for those who fear Him will have all they need.” Psalm 34:8-9

God is good and when we trust Him we have all that we need. That’s what this scripture says!

And it’s true, yet, we have all experienced situations where that doesn’t necessarily feel true. As we pursue the goodness of God we need to understand the need to guard and care for the soul. Integrated care gives us a helpful model for doing just that.

Biblical Life Coaching

Have you ever heard of biblical life coaching? It’s different from mentoring, spiritual direction, and counseling yet has some strong similarities. The goal of Biblical Life Coaching is to come alongside and shoulder with a person during a process. It focuses on the present and the future. 

So, a Biblical Life Coach will help a person discern an awareness of what’s currently happening right now, identify barriers, and develop a clear strategy for moving ahead. This process will likely draw from a large toolbox of resources, which may include counseling if, for example, one of the barriers is past trauma. And all of this is done upon the foundation of what God says, and of course, covered in prayer.

Doesn’t that sound good? This is an invitation to be shouldered with during difficulty (at whatever level it may be). The strength of a Biblical Life Coach rests in the LORD, because even when he/she doesn’t have the answer, God does. This is about journeying with someone, who walks with you, helping you find a way to get to where you want to go as you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

How do I find that?

In some respects, you may have experienced that in some measure with a Pastor or trusted spiritual mentor, but a Biblical Life Coach can help us move beyond the hurdles that keep us stuck. We all have coping methods, but wouldn’t it be nice to overcome the barriers that bind?

Check out this week’s episode on The Pastor and the Counselor, where Pastor Ryan Brown, Jon Burchard, and Amanda Settle talk about Integrated Care and the role of the Biblical Life Coach. We love what In Him Christian Wellness is all about as they pursue healing and wholeness—body, mind, and spirit.


Written by Maureen Brown

Maureen Is our Worship and Communications Pastor. She has served New Life Community alongside Pastor Ryan for 19 years.  She is passionate about Jesus and His Church, which is why she does what she does. Maureen has been leading worship, teaching, and mentoring her entire adult life. She graduated in 1996, from Emmanuel Bible College with a Bachelor of Religious Education in Professional Studies with a double minor in Christian Education and Music and then married Ryan—the love of her life. Maureen is a blogger so she brings a special set of gifts that are well used in the area of Communications here at NLC.